Friday, August 10, 2007

World in Conflict declares war on PC Sept. 18

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On September 18, Sierra's World in Conflict is ready to go all alternate timeline, and make us experience what could've happened if the Cold War had gone hawt. The game will retail at $49.99 for the normal box and $59.99 for the collector's edition. Our time with the game was so-so, but we definitely enjoy the Magnum P.I. trailer that was put together (which can be found after the break).

But what about the Xbox 360 version, you may ask? Being completely ignored on the press release, we called up Sierra and it turns out that the game "is still scheduled for this year." Although you can expect to purchase the Xbox 360 version at the "collector's edition" price of $59.99 -- minus the History Channel DVD and piece of the Berlin Wall.

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