Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wii gets new system update fixes Opera problem

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We knew we shouldn't have expected much from a new Wii system update, what with the last update and the Metroid media dump so close in our rear view mirror, so imagine our surprise and joy to find out that the new update adds a slot for Nintendo 64 cartridges as well as fixes a problem that some have been having with the Opera browser freezing and adds some stability for those using the Wii's LAN adapter.

...We regret to inform you that the Joystiq labs have just discovered that the new update does not, as one of us insisted, add a cartridge slot to the Wii. In other news, our Wii is broken ... as is our copy of Quest 64. We're sorry for the inconvenience, and hope one of us will take this a lesson to lay off the hooch.
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[via] Joystiq

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