Friday, August 31, 2007

Take-Two warns Jack Thompson to back down ... again

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And the Jack came back, the very next day. Yes, the Jack came back, they thought he was a goner, but the Jack came back -- he just couldn't stay away. In April, Jack Thompson entered into an agreement with Take-Two to essentially back down from his constant harassment of them, in exchange they would not continue their legal actions which could get him jailed or disbarred. In late June, the signs were already there that the agreement was starting to fall apart. Now GamePolitics has an exchange between Take-Two and Thompson, which Thompson made public, showing how the original agreement meant nothing.

If you've never witnessed a Thompson email exchange, you should definitely head over to GP and soak in the madness and try to hold back saying aloud, "You must be kidding me?" The exchange is between Thompson and Gena Feist, Take-Two's VP and Associate General Counsel. Thompson says some inflammatory things, Feist responds -- eventually getting to the point where she knows she can't reason with him. Feist writes, "We entered into the settlement agreement because we did not want to engage in unnecessary litigation with you, but I assure you that we will enforce the terms of the agreement if necessary and that any suit will include a claim for our legal fees under paragraph 11." That's legal talk for "sit down and shut up." Maybe with all the BioShock money Take-Two is making they can afford to finally end this legal bout once and for all.

Oh, and in case you have no idea where the image comes from, we've placed the video after the break. We find it appropriate.

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