Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Call of Juarez demo finally finds its way to Live

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Maybe this is just us, but we get a little nervous when a demo is released nearly three months after the game it's supposed to be promoting. "Call of Juarez? You want to try that?" Ubisoft seems to be saying. "You mean the western thing where you're a preacher or whatever? Yeah, that's probably lying around here somewhere, let me check in the back."

As an aside, we find it interesting that the Call of Juarez demo gets to Xbox Live on the same day that the Call of Duty 4 public beta begins in earnest. Honestly, if we were at home on a Friday night and had to answer one of the calls, we'd be flummoxed. Duty always wants you to go fight for your country or something but Juarez is usually planning to read bible verses to people and then shoot them. Ah well, at least they're better than Cthulhu. You may just want to block his number.
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[via] Joystiq

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