Friday, August 31, 2007

Joystiq and PSPFB hands on with PSP-2000: Part 2

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Yesterday, we answered your questions about the newly redesigned PSP, codenamed PSP-2000. Today, we'll explore the load times of games on Sony's redesigned handheld. With added RAM, games are supposed to load faster than the older model. Did we see an improvement? Also, we tackle some more questions from PSP Fanboy readers.

Do games load noticeably faster?
Submitted by: Hashbrown_Hunter
This took a lot of effort to piece together. It seems that games do load faster, although not as significantly as we would hope. In the above side-by-side video of the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront, you can see that although the games were launched at the same time, the PSP-2000 (the silver one) loads slightly faster than the original. It loads the level slightly faster as well. However, going through our games collection resulted in varying results -- some games didn't change at all, while games like Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow actually took longer on PSP-2000! It appears that games with significantly long load times are the ones to benefit the most. Check out our test results here. Check out Gamespot's test results, which feature different games, here.

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