Friday, August 10, 2007

NPD survey says gamers unaware of their console's capabilities

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To most Joystiq readers, Blu-ray is synonymous with the PlayStation 3. According to a recent survey from the NPD Group (via ars technica), however, that connection isn't as widely known. In fact, the results show that just 40% of those who owned a PS3 knew it had a Blu-ray drive. Really?

Even more bizarre, the report states that just 50% of the gamers surveyed knew the PS3 had high definition graphics. That's, of course, a relative victory over Xbox 360, whose high definition prowess was only known by 30% of the survey takers. The survey was reportedly a culmination of 6,260 responses from console owners aged six to 44. Who are these people, though?

We're still confused by the PS3 / Blu-ray (dis)connection, given that the Blu-ray logo is placed prominently on the front of the box, in every commercial and advertisement, on the console itself. How did those other 60% miss that?

Curious about Nintendo's ability to inform the public, we conducted our survey today. It turns out only 35% of the Joystiq staff (and 70% of the NWF staff) knew the Wii had motion controls.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]
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