Tuesday, August 14, 2007

EA's Skate demo delayed "a few days"

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Originally due out on August 15th, EA's Scott Blackwood has announced that the Xbox 360 demo for Skate has been hit with a short delay. How short? In an official forum post, Blackwood says, "We're not quite sure yet ... hopefully not more than a week."

We spoke with EA about the cause for this delay and their spokesperson told us, "We are trying something completely new for an Xbox Marketplace demo in allowing people to play the game and upload footage they take in-game to our Skate website. The skate.reel video upload functionality is much more technically complex than a standard offline demo, and the number of moving parts have resulted in undue & hard-to-predict delays." Having recently played the demo area (and well beyond) and scoped out the included features, we assure you that it'll be worth the wait.

The good news is that this delay has no bearing whatsoever on the final game, which will still be shipping out on September 12th for the Xbox 360 and September 24th for the PlayStation 3.
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[via] Joystiq

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