Saturday, August 11, 2007 and N'Gai talk art, criticism and censorship

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We enjoy hearing the opinions of and N'Gai Croal is well-respected around these parts, so when the two come together, such as in this new interview, we think it makes for a darn fine Saturday read. The topics are of the hot-button variety you'd expect (art, Ebert, etc.), but we thought that some of their takes on the issues were more than compelling enough to be worth your time.

Consider, for example, this chin-stroker from N'Gai: "I thought to myself, hell, Lester Bangs couldn't even be the Lester Bangs of music today, let alone videogames. The critic is going the way of the dinosaur and the dodo bird; he or she is an anachronism in an age where anyone can publish an opinion." Feel that tingling? That's insight. We hope this story will be a jumping off point for some good discussions today, the debate club nerd in us still longs for a little intellectual interplay when Saturday rolls around. So, let's discuss.
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