Thursday, August 16, 2007

GameTap Thursday: Hitman's grand finale

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Agent 47's killing spree comes to an end this week as Hitman: Blood Money arrives on GameTap. Also coming to a close is the Bogard dynasty with both of the major Fatal Fury series logging in their final battles before the release of Garou later this month. The load is light this week but that doesn't mean its lacking any quality.
  • Athena (Arcade) - Sure, it may not have the catchy tunes of its follow-up, Pyscho Soldier, but Athena is still an important piece of SNK history.
  • Fatal Fury 3 (Neo-Geo) - The last in an enjoyable, yet unbelievably broken fighting series. We'll be playing this to enjoy the first and last game where Bob Wilson is a solid choice.
  • Real Bout: Fatal Fury 2 (Neo-Geo) - Fear the Bash! This sequel didn't introduce many new faces, but it's definitely one of the better entries in the series.
  • Hitman: Blood Money (PC) - Possibly known more for its controversial advertising than its gameplay, Blood Money represents Agent 47 at his finest.
  • Imperial Glory (PC) - Not the greatest RTS by any means, Imperial Glory is the dirty love child of Rome: Total War and Risk. Strategy nuts need only apply.
We have your weekly free play update available for you after the break as well, sporting the notable addition of Vampire Savior.

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