Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Video Game Voters Network starts Stop Schwarzenegger Campaign

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You have to give it to the Video Game Voters Network: They've got guts. The organization is attempting to do what T-1000, Sinbad, a kindergarten class, and yes, The Devil himself could not: Stop Arnold Schwarzenegger. As you may already know, the governor of California (does anyone else still get the feeling we're living in Bizarro World?) is moving forward on an appeal of a judge's ruling that proposed AB 1179, which would legally ban minors from buying "violent video games," is unconstitutional.

The VGVN is trying to preempt the action, asking Californians to send this letter or one of their own creation to Schwarzenegger as they implore him to drop the bill and instead focus on education. "But Joystiq," we hear you ask, "if it's already been ruled unconstitutional, why does he continue to fight? What could Schwarzenegger possibly have against the Constitution?" Oh dear, sweet reader. We should think it would be obvious.
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[via] Joystiq

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