Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Command & Conquer 3 expanding with Kane's Wrath

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EA debuted its "Command & Conquer TV: Battlecast" today, and they helped to make up for its unsettling hosts and production values with a fairly important announcement for Tiberium fiends: The first expansion to Command & Conquer 3 will be called Kane's Wrath, and will appear in early 2008.

The campaign will follow Kane's rise back to power after the second Tiberium War, played partially through a "Global Domination" meta-game, described as "Risk on steroids." New units, upgrades and powers for each of the factions are also included. The expansion will launch simultaneously on Xbox 360 and PC, but console owners will also be receiving a new radial interface in the expansion (as seen above). Those are the highlights, but feel free to click through to the Battlecast if you'd like to watch a C&C 3 match with the most excruciating play-by-play ever recorded.

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