Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Virtua Fighter 5 may not be on Japanese Xbox 360

Filed under: , , is reporting that Japan may not get Virtua Fighter 5 on the Xbox 360 because the console's install base is too low. Speaking with Tohru Murayama, lead designer on VF5, they were informed that the decision is not final at this point, but with only 400,000 Xbox units sold in Japan, the Japanese may need to get a PS3 for the game. The PS3 is selling comparatively better in Japan with 1 million units. VF5 is currently available on PS3 with one little thing missing that'll be on the Xbox 360 version -- online modes.

With any luck there will be enough of a hardcore following for VF5 to make it to the Xbox 360 in Japan. That's what Murayama is hoping for anyway. Call us new-fashioned, but it just seems odd to have a fighting game in this day and age without online support.
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[via] Joystiq

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