Friday, August 31, 2007

Microsoft chatpad and Halo 3 accessories next week

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Next week Microsoft kicks off their month of Halo by finally releasing the chatpad messenger kit (includes chatpad and headset) and the Halo 3 wireless controllers with art designed by Todd McFarlane. The messenger kit will retail for $30 and the Halo 3 controllers will be $60. Microsoft will also start selling the Halo 3 wireless headset for $60 as well.

Oh chatpad, you will bring joy to the thousands of people out there that just can't use their voice to send a message, because as we all know, typing is such a faster form of communication than a simple voicemail. Actually, it's a nice deal for someone who may be vocal cord impaired or has completely lost their mind trying to type a message with the analog stick -- or lost their mind insisting to only type messages with the analog stick. It serves a purpose in the grand scheme ... unlike those stupid Wiimote add-ons.

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[via] Joystiq

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