Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sam and Max Season Two trailer online

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Telltale Games has gotten around to putting up the Sam and Max Season Two trailer that some of our luckier staffers saw during PAX. What you'll find is plenty of nods to the first season with just a few hints as to where the crime fighters will be headed next. (Hint: The presidents are back. One's looking for his head, and one's doing just fine without a body.) There's some more information about changes in the second season too like NPCs who move around the stages and will occasionally offer advice, new mini-games in every episode, better driving, the ability to upgrade the DeSoto and widescreen support.

We're sorry that you have to click on the link to see the trailer, like in the caveman days of the internet. But we'd be willing to bet that even with the Cro-Magnon tech you're about to start counting the days until fall.

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[via] Joystiq

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