Thursday, August 16, 2007

Today in Joystiq: August 15, 2007

Joystiq reader Bill Mudron tipped us to this picture he made about a month back with Big Daddy and Little Sister enjoying some ice cream together. With all the news lately, you might as well call us BioStiq for the time being. Check out the (new and exciting) highlights for today:

Today's Fan Fairiest video: EverQuest players tie real and virtual knots

Stone Roses track revealed for Guitar Hero III
Some Toys 'R' Us stores selling BioShock early
Wait, Alvin and the Chipmunks ... the game?! Yes, please!
EA shows clearest 'bullshot' in a long time
ezGear making some inspiring Wii junk
Hard mode unlockable in BioShock demo
Australian 360 price cut puts Core at Wii's price
Gearbox's Borderlands revealed on Game Informer cover
Cooking Mama ships half million units on DS
Xbox Live Arcade statistics galore from GameFest
Heavenly Sword packed with 10 GB of sound data
New peripheral may be part of DS Guitar Hero III package
EA confirms Rock Band in US 2007 despite AU and EU delays
Epic's Mark Rein pleased with Blu-ray's 'legroom'
BioShock started as a 'tropical island with Nazis'
Codemasters crafting split-screen mode for Overlord
Ghost Recon creative director moves to Bungie
Interplay trying to gather funds for Fallout MMO
PC Live Arcade: Dubbed 'Vega,' aims to roll out with 10-20 games in Nov.
So sad, BioShock sticks with original release date
Wii making parts makers rich, rich we tell you
Microsoft opening up to user content
Gamespy tech + Unreal Engine 3 = crossplatform PS3 and PC online play

Rumors & Speculation
Red Steel 2 listing probably getting us excited for no reason
PS3 'gamercard' option seen during demo

Culture & Community
King of Kong gets 16 thumbs up
Study shows MMOs help make friends ... and lovers
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