Saturday, August 11, 2007

Today in Joystiq: August 10, 2007

Out of sheer boredom, we dusted off our Nintendo 64 and popped in South Park. It's not as fun as we remember it ... and we really didn't remember it being that fun in the first place. Still, as far as licensed products go, it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Check out the highlights for today:

Joystiq hands-on: Call of Duty 4 multiplayer
Joystiq Podcast 012 - The Long Con edition
Today's most competitive videos: Super Battle Opera Finals

August brings Metroid and Super Metroid to Virtual Console
Age of Conan's last delay wasn't so 'final'
Spot the HDMI-enabled Xbox 360 Premium at retail
EA gets monopoly on Monopoly
Rhode Island AG partners with ESRB for PSA
Religious group sending Left Behind game to troops in Iraq
Silicon Knights' lawyer responds to Epic countersuit
BBC examines 'next-generation' games
BioShock goes gold, Irrational Games becomes 2K Boston / 2K Australia
ESRB hints at Castlevania Chronicles coming to PSN
World in Conflict declares war on PC Sept. 18
NPD survey says gamers unaware of their console's capabilities
Watch a delicious, 15-minute Mass Effect preview
New Mario Galaxy scans show Boo costume, cubed planets
Sony refunding broken PSN games
Sierra unveils Prototype, not the first sandbox adventure
Tak's power of the Juju lands him on TV
Sophie's PSP choice: Wi-Fi or power
Bungie Weekly: Return of the flamethrower and the fourth grenade

Culture & Community
Cheap Ass Gamer subpoenaed by Circuit City
Old Grandma Hardcore plays Overlord (NSFW)
Media Coverage covers review scores, gives 'em an 8.8
Halo Legendary tattoo gets shady
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