Thursday, August 16, 2007

Gamespy tech + Unreal Engine 3 = crossplatform PS3 and PC online play

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Epic and IGN today announced that Gamespy's online technology will be licensed with Unreal Engine 3. The best part of this deal is that it will enable cross-platform play against PC and PlayStation 3 owners, according to the press release.

Gamespy technologies that will be made immediately available to license include matchmaking services, in-game chat services, online data storage (e.g. statistics), leaderboard and tournament services.

While it's not guaranteed that every developer who uses Unreal Engine 3 for PC and PS3 titles will utilize Gamespy's tools, we feel confident that this is the final piece of evidence we need to safely say that Unreal Tournament 3 will sport PC and PS3 cross-play. Questions about keyboard-mouse vs. gamepad play and user-generated maps / mods have already been addressed by developer Epic Games' Vice President Mark Rein.

[Via press release]
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