Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bungie Weekly: Return of the flamethrower and the fourth grenade

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No longer confined to the shackles of Halo: Combat Evolved for the PC, the flamethrower is making its triumphant return in Halo 3. IGN has all the technical deets on this powerful "new" weapon, along with the unveiling of the mysterious fourth grenade -- now known as the fire bomb -- and it's pretty much what it sounds like: awesome.

Frankie took a break from the usual weekly banter and went with a Q&A format, revealing some interesting new tidbits regarding Halo 3. First off, the ladies have something to celebrate about this week as Frankie has confirmed that female Spartan voices are in for multiplayer. As for campaign news, the points and scoring system behind the single player meta-game will be explained before the game ships, so expect that sometime soon. Be sure to check out the update and see if any of your burning questions were answered.

Another incentive to peep the update are the latest batch of pages from Halo: Uprising, due out "soon-ish" according to Frankie. Sigh ... we remember back when it was July!
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[via] Joystiq

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