Monday, November 12, 2007

Whoops! Tesco sells Xbox 360s for £33.24

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Apparently someone over at UK retailer Tesco slipped up on the company's online store, because an Xbox 360 bundle normally priced at £340 GBP was selling for just a hair over 33 pounds sterling, long enough for a number of customers to gleefully order the next-gen system at the no-gen price.

Sky News reports that once the payment is accepted, Trading Standards rules in the UK state that the retailer must comply and deliver the product. Numerous payments were accepted for the drastically-reduced Xbox 360 bundle, which also includes Forza Motorsport 2 and Viva Piñata. One crafty consumer successfully ordered 39 consoles, although no orders have yet been delivered.

Despite the rules set forth by Trading Standards, Tesco's site maintains that they do not have to conform to erroneously-marked prices unless they fail to notice before shipment. We'll wait and see if any lucky gamers get their cheapo 360s in the mail. Think anyone sprung for overnight shipping?

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