Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Joystiq Holidaze: best of Black Friday

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Stuffed full of poultry, pork, potatoes, pie and gravy you rise from your food coma dazed, angry, and ready to shop. It's still dark outside. Welcome to Black Friday.

We've trimmed the fat and cut the crap, bringing you the gaming highlights from the retail world's annual sale. Remember, the best shopper is an armed a prepared shopper. Use this guide to target the needs of your whiny loved ones, while avoiding bold-lettered traps (Joytip: It's no bargain price if you're cleaning out retail garbage). This year's sales favor Xbox 360 products, though there are valuable savings in the PlayStation 3 department. As for PSP? Not so much (actually, none at all). And only a few Nintendo-brand listings pop out (Joytip: Unless you're camping on the concrete, ignore Wii bundle listings; the console will be as scarce as ever).

This Joystiq guide focuses on brick and mortar retailers (Amazon's Black Friday listings are here) and only includes our recommendations. (Joytip: Each image is linked to additional information about the corresponding product). Please use the comments section to share additional deals you've discovered!

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