Sunday, November 18, 2007

Happy Birthday PS3: The cake is (not) a lie

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You've gotta hand it to Sony. This is, as far as our memory serves, the first time we've gotten a birthday cake for somebody else's birthday. Even more unique, that somebody is in fact ... a something! After a slight delay in acquiring the cake last night (it wasn't a lie), we didn't think fair to eat it and not do anything nice in return for our PS3, so we did the nicest thing we could think of. We fed it a birthday present: the deliciously moist Uncharted.

All next week, our pen pals at PS3 Fanboy are celebrating the PStriple's birfday in style: they're giving away an 80GB PS3 and an Uncharted prize pack (with all sorts of cool Uncharted swag!), all wrapped up in commentary on the console's performance thus far.

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