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Today in Joystiq: November 16, 2007

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We were already going to make a note of the PlayStation 3's one-year anniversary, but then Sony decided to send major press outlets yummy cakes to commemorate the event. The above picture is Engadget's cake; when we asked editor in chief Chris Grant over the phone about our cake, he claimed ignorance and continued to chew on something that sounded moist and delicious. Bummer. Check out the highlights for today:

DS Fanboy Lite: Nov. 10 - Nov. 16
Metareview: SimCity Societies (PC)
Joystiq Podcast 025 - Silver edition
Reminder: Beowulf giveaway
Today's most rabbid touch video: Raving Rabbids 2 DS controls

Namco Bandai's 'Family Ski' compatible with Wii Balance Board
Betting comes to Brawl with Spectator Mode
Rein: Work on 360's Unreal Tournament III just on hold
PS3 outsold Wii in Japan last week
SingStar hums into the UK and Australia early December
PSN Thursday: Blazing Angels crash into Uncharted wallpaper
See what seems to be first footage of Ghostbusters game
Halcyon adapting Terminator for new game
Xbox Originals won't have achievements
Singapore un-bans Mass Effect
Amazon opens voting for heavily discounted systems
Buy Xbox 360, receive Halo 3 free (in the mail)

Rumors & Speculation
Rumorong: Resident Evil 5 and Devil May Cry 4 demos on RE: Extinction Blu-ray disc

Culture & Community
ESA and Microsoft collaborate, offer mediocre games for charity
How Okam-Wii came to be
Jonathan Coulton sings 'Still Alive'
Club Nintendo gift is Super Famicon controller for Wii
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