Sunday, November 18, 2007

Interview with Rat Race creators

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If you saw the first few clips for Rat Race, the episodic adventure/comedy game coming to the PlayStation Network this winter, then you already know that it's about as funny as a train wreck. Into an orphanage. Made of puppies. Imagine a Dilbert comic strip written by the guys who did Date Movie, and you're about at the level of comedy we're talking about. However, those sweethearts at PS3 Fanboy gave the game's creators a chance to defend their game (or at least apologize).

Some highlights from the interview: When asked about gameplay, the creators replied that the game will not only feature puzzles and conversation games, but "crowd-pleasing mechanics such as stealth, racing (on foot) and even shooting." Yes, nothing pleases a crowd quite like a forced stealth section in a video game - and nothing says 'lighthearted romp' quite like an office shooting. Also, a few of the game's writers have worked on Conan O' Brien, SNL, My Name is Earl and Flight of the Conchords. Based on the clips we've seen so far, we're guessing those writers are on strike.
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[via] Joystiq

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