Tuesday, November 20, 2007

NIS goes casual for the Nintendo DS

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Our first thought when told of a new game from console strategy stalwart NIS America, the North American arm of Japan's Nippon Ichi, was of another fun yet grueling turn-based grind fest along the lines of Disgaea or Phantom Brave. Knowing that it's for the Nintendo DS only got us more excited, as we've been pining for one of these games to make the leap to Nintendo's touchable handheld for some time. Unfortunately, our hopes - and hearts - were broken when we ultimately learned that NIS's latest localization effort is a casual puzzler from Jaleco called Puchi Puchi Virus.

As the company's initial venture into the world of puzzle games, NIS notes that it is careful to distinguish its game from traditional block droppers and other "ordinary puzzle games," and describes Puchi Puchi Virus as having "a more intuitive system of object linkage." In this game, the object is to link together icons in triangular patterns in order to erase them and ultimately clear the screen, while simultaneously working to satisfy each stage's different victory conditions. In addition, this game looks to be the first of several casual games undertaken by the publisher, as NIS has also unveiled a cute, wing-laden version of its logo to symbolize this new push to court the ever-popular casual crowd.

This is fine. We can share you, NIS. But make no mistake if you begin to hang out too much with your new casual friends, and leave strategy enthusiasts sitting alone at the table staring at a cold dinner night after night, we're calling for an intervention.
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[via] Joystiq

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