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Today in Joystiq: November 20, 2007

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When we did our unboxing, we didn't take a good picture from Rock Band's drumkit instructions. We're glad gcacho did. Why do we love the instruction manual? It's not just that we're obsessed with Rock Band (we are, but unfortunately we haven't figured out how to blog and drum simultaneously) but that these instructions remind us we need to make a trip to IKEA to replace the coffee table we broke sitting on it while playing Rock Band. So it goes. Check out the highlights for today:

Rock Band

Nega-review: Rock Band
Rock Band: The Unboxing
Rock Band Weekly: Metallica, Police, Queens of the Stone Age and others
Stop flubbing lines, learn Rock Band's lyrics
Watch the one-woman Rock Band

Joyswag: Win this $5K dollar gaming rig from Falcon Northwest
Last week in Warcraft: November 13th - November 20th
Readers pick best webcomic: parental guidance is advised
Reminder: Celebrate PS3's birthday, win console
Today's rudest video: Altair is kind of a jerk

Original NiGHTS into Dreams coming to PS2
See the sexy new Zelda, Nintendogs DS bundles
PS3 Firmware 2.01 is most ironic ever
NIS goes casual for the Nintendo DS
Atari expecting layoffs and IP sales
Turok rewards you for team-killing with achievement
Dungeon Lords expansion, sequel announced, world asks why?
GameTap Thursday: Um, it's Tuesday, but free Psychonauts makes it all better
SCEA is 'very happy' with Ratchet & Clank sales
Haze delayed until 2008, brings Rainbow Six Vegas 2 with it
GameStop shares slip 10%
New Burnout Paradise box art ditches crashes for white space
Fallout 3 Create a Perk contest winner selected, 'Grim Reaper's Sprint'
PlayStation Store now live, grab PSP content from your PC
Clinton and other senators ask ESRB for review over Manhunt 2
Two PlayStation Eye titles hit American PSN today
Assassin's Creed tops UK charts

Culture & Community
Jeff Bell recognizes Joystiq's contribution to society
Mr. T and William Shatner ham it up for World of Warcraft commercials
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