Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Jeff Bell recognizes Joystiq's contribution to society

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So, check this out, blogger's prerogative: We've totally flipped on Jeff Bell. Sure, when we first met Jeff Bell at E3, we rushed to judgment, laughing up our sleeves and revoking his Ghetto Pass. But as things went on, our understanding and appreciation of Jeff Bell (or, as he's known on the streets, "Jeff Bell") continued to grow.

First, he goes all troll on the message boards, asking a user what his contribution to society was, which was undeniably funny. Now, he's starring in the above Mass Effect take-off straight from Microsoft HQ. Bell's performance in the clip, a clear indication that he's got a good sense of humor, would have been enough to win us over. But it certainly doesn't hurt that his monitor is clearly displaying everyone's favorite video game blog. Your check's in the mail Jeff Bell. That's right, the rumors are true: Microsoft is on Joystiq's payroll.
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[via] Joystiq

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