Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Reminder: Win a $5K gaming PC from Falcon Northwest

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So, we're giving away this here gaming PC built by the folks at Falcon Northwest. Since they're the experts when it comes to building gaming PCs and we're the experts when it comes to asking obvious questions, we decided to combine our relative talents and present you with a short bit about a different component each day. We asked Kelt Reeves, CEO of Falcon Northwest, if the system's Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 3.0GHz was similar to our PC's 486DX2 processor. He replied: "Yes, very much so. I'm glad to hear your Falcon Mach V system from 1993 is still working for you. Oh shut up - what did you look like in 1993? Well this is the advertising-equivalent of our 'big hair days'. In 15 years our ads have gotten better."

So, that's the processor as relayed by comparing and contrasting advertising. Pretty fancy, eh? And here's your daily reminder to enter. Go to the giveaway post and answer the following question in the comments: What's your most embarrassing "big hair" memory? In 1993 we were rocking a Hypercolor shirt ... with matching Jams ... and braces. (Also virginity).
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