Wednesday, November 21, 2007

PSN games Everyday Shooter, flOw (and more) on sale for $5

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Sony's latest PS3 promotion asks, "When was the last time $4.99 brought you hours of entertainment?" We don't have the heart to remind them that bunches of XBLA games - like Space Giraffe - are only $5. Also, that coloring book we bought last week for less than $5 has brought us dozens of hours of entertainment ...

Regardless, here's the deets of their promotion: four of the highest-profile (and, as luck would have it, best) PSN downloadable titles are being offered for the low, low price of $5. Did you miss the normally $10 Calling all Cars' discounted $5 price last month? Well, the gods at Sony have granted you a second chance. How about indie-darlings Everyday Shooter (normally $10) and flOw (normally $8)? Pick 'em up for, you guessed it, $5 each. Last on the list is PixelJunk Racers (normally $7), which will also be available for $5.

You've got until November 29th to catch 'em all and add them to your collection of Black Friday steals.
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[via] Joystiq

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