Tuesday, November 20, 2007

PlayStation Store now live, grab PSP content from your PC

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The PlayStation 3 no longer exclusively acts as the eerily quiet middleman for your purchases from Sony's PlayStation Store. The PC-based online store (store.playstation.com) has gone live for the US and is ready to absorb your munnies in exchange for PSP games, demos, themes and PlayStation 1 games. Everything you need to get started is right on the front page -- software for transferring the downloaded content from your PC to your PSP, and the ability to create a free PSN account (your PS3 login will work too). Be sure to check out PSP Fanboy's step-by-step guide if Flash-based interfaces flummox you.

The store currently boasts an exclusive PSP game, Syphon Filter: Combat Ops, along with downloadable versions of some UMD-based games (we spy WipEout Pure), several familiar PlayStation 1 titles (also compatible with PS3) and some new themes, demos and trailers, all of which you'll find listed after the break. The amount of content doesn't yet prompt the use of words like "glut" and "avalanche", but it's a solid start. Let's hope Sony keeps the store updated and the content fresh in the coming months.

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