Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Replacement BioShock Big Daddies now shipping

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We've been enjoying having our mini-Big Daddy stare down at us from his desk perch with those cold, dead eyes for two months since BioShock was released. But others have not been so lucky, having to make due with Daddies with broken drills, or, as they prefer, Drill Dysfunction.

Now, according to 2K, replacements for the broken figures are finally heading out the door. "The BioShock figurine replacement program is nearing completion after some delays due to production of the replacement figurines," wrote 2K to some DD sufferers. Not only can they expect a new figure and the promised art book over the next couple of weeks, but (contrary to what they were previously told) they won't have to send in their old busted Daddy. That said, they may still want to turn him away from his new brother, just so he doesn't feel inadequate.

[Thanks to all the Big Daddys and Little Sisters who let us know]
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[via] Joystiq

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