Sunday, November 18, 2007

Weekly Webcomic Wrapup celebrates Dueling Analogs' 2nd birthday

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Congratulations to Steve Napierski's Dueling Analogs, who turns two years old tomorrow. Interesting note: according to Wikipedia, DA has won the webcomic wrapup seven times since May 2006. More interesting note: someone actually went through our archives and counted.

Head over to Dueling Analogs and sift through their archives, then come back and tell us your favorites. (Our picks, for obvious reasons: So Dark the Contra of Man, PSP Philosophy.) And when you do return, would you kindly pick your favorite game-related webcomic in our poll below?

Parental guidance is advised
A very special Mass Effect
Join the all-stars
The deluge
Embrace your destiny
Star bit assistance
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