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Today in Joystiq: November 13, 2007

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We don't know what makes us jealous of Bethesda developer Ashley Cheng more: that he procured a copy of Mass Effect early (thanks to Kmart) or that he drinks Nuka Cola (of Fallout 3 fame). Check out the highlights for today:

Metareview: Crysis (PC)
Metareview: Assassin's Creed (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3)
Readers pick best webcomic: The Littlest Hashshashin

Fall Xbox 360 dashboard update revealed: download Halo December 2
See the first trailer for Lego Batman
Brash to make game based on Jumper
Watch NiGHTS transform into a fish, rocket in new trailer
PS3 DivX support announced
South Park's Timmy, Freezepop in Rock Band
Alone in the Dark confirmed for Wii, PS2
The Office game is better than you'd think
Tim Schafer would 'love' to make an XBLA game
MS confirms downloadable Xbox games, free Carcassonne for Live anniv.
NBC's 'Life' investigates Prince of Persia
Some LEGO Batman details to whet your appetite for vengeance
Fable 2, Alan Wake not cancelled either
Wii Photo Channel gets better, worse in December
Mario more recognizable in Canada than Prime Minister
Supreme Commander confirmed for Xbox 360
Haze on track for December release
Geometry Wars: Galaxies delayed to 2008 in Europe
Gametap's 'Re\Visioned' animated series concludes first season

Culture & Community
Study shows that parents avoid playing video games with their kids
Midnight launch for Rock Band keeps Best Buys open late
Zero Punctuation guy makes games too
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