Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Nintendo disputes WiiWare limitations

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Nintendo has issued a statement to Eurogamer, disputing some of the claims regarding its WiiWare service made during an IGN podcast this week. During the podcast, IGN staff members claimed that Nintendo will set a 40MB limitation on the file-sizes of WiiWare titles. They also claimed that Nintendo was limiting developers to one release per month, and that pricing for WiiWare games would be set by developers.

Nintendo denies the 40-megabyte cap on WiiWare titles, stating that the company encourages "smaller, more compact" games for the service, but that it does not set file-size limitations, and expects games of all sizes to be published.

Nintendo is considering limiting developers to one release per month during the service's initial launch, though only to more carefully regulate the volume and traffic during the WiiWare launch window. Regarding pricing, Nintendo asserts that no pricing details have been made official, but that they stand by their goal to deliver "fresh, new content at a low price." How low, we don't know.
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[via] Joystiq

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