Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Marvel Universe Online source of cancellation rumors

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No doubt amused by a ridiculous process of elimination that prompted game developers to rush to their keyboards and confirm the continued existence of their upcoming third-person role-playing whatever-em-ups, 1UP has revealed that the first-party Xbox 360 title supposedly skirting around cancellation is none other than Marvel Universe Online. In an echo of True Fantasy Live Online's demise, the MMO has reportedly run into "serious, potentially stalling, development troubles," the least of which is likely to be the monotony resulting from everyone playing as Wolverine.

Aside from a mysterious source, 1UP cites a suspicious inability by the project's collaborators to outright confirm the game's on-going development. Though Microsoft insists that Cryptic's recent sale of two Cities has no bearing on Marvel Universe Online, the developer hasn't so much as mentioned the game when discussing upcoming projects. Not a particularly convincing chain of evidence, but it does seem a tad quiet when shook.
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[via] Joystiq

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