Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hudson revisits Dungeon Explorer on PSP, DS

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Hudson's Turbografx-16 title Dungeon Explorer was one of those games that blew us away when originally released in 1989, but when revisited on the Wii's Virtual Console nearly two decades later it proved that some games are best left alone, looked back on through rose-colored glasses. Despite this, however, Hudson is at it again, this time with a laboriously-titled sequel, Dungeon Explorer Warriors of Ancient Arts, currently in development for both the PSP and Nintendo DS for release this coming February.

While Atlus handled the development reigns on the original action RPG, it's unclear what studio is tackling this portable follow up. What we do know is that the game is expected to keep with the original's hack and slash theme, offering "many unique fighting styles" and "deep and customizable multiplayer adventuring," as both versions will also support up to three players simultaneously. Interestingly, however, both the PSP and DS versions look to offer distinct differences as well, with the PSP version including 150 different "fighting arts" to the DS's meager 60, such as the "Big Bang Arts," which may or may not be just a theory.

[Update: A Hudson representative has contacted us, letting us know that Dungeon Explorer Warriors of Ancient Arts is being developed internally at Hudson Soft.]
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[via] Joystiq

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