Thursday, November 15, 2007

Guitar Hero III PC/Mac hybrid 'later this year'

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While it may seem like everyone and their roadie already picked up a copy of Guitar Hero III earlier this month - what with $115 million in sales in the first week alone - Red Octane and Activision aren't even through with their brutal march towards total platform saturation. Though the peripheral-laden DS version is still undated, the PC version was released on Tuesday; unfortunately, the Mac version - now revealed to be a magical PC/Mac hybrid disc - won't be available until "later this year" according to Aspyr, the developer porting the game.

When asked what will happen to the current PC-only SKU when the hybrid variant is unleashed, Aspyr told Joystiq "the hybrid PC/Mac version will eventually replace the PC-only SKU." Aspyr is aiming to have that version on shelves this year (we assume bundled with the PC version's wired X-plorer guitar and priced at the same $79.99) but we also worry the veteran Mac developers have their hands full with their just announced Xbox 360 port of Supreme Commander.
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[via] Joystiq

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