Wednesday, November 14, 2007

BBC reminds that Wii supply is still an issue

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The BBC is letting the mainstream know that getting a Wii this holiday is going to be tough. They report retailers in London are having a hard time keeping up with demand and that they've been informed 3.5 million "extra" consoles are being shipped globally; however, they don't know how many of those will make it to the UK. Quick answer: Not many.

Essentially what this all boils down to is we're having holiday season '06 all over again with the Wii. Although the BBC is letting the general public know about this now, it's not like Nintendo hasn't been giving fair warning since April. They even reiterated the message of supply issues in September. No matter where you are on our little rock floating in space, if you want a Wii (or know somebody that does), just keep calling your local retailer to find out about their next shipment, because the difficulty in getting a Wii is going to ramp up exponentially starting next week.
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[via] Joystiq

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