Monday, October 1, 2007

Therapists, Army tap Wii for patient rehab

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While the Wii has done an admirable job getting gamers to flail their arms and smash home appliances, it's the console's seemingly never-ending stream of minigames that has many of us here shaking our heads rather than our limbs. However, this is not the case for all would-be gamers, as a new report finds that the Wii has become part of a new physical therapy regiment at a medical facility in Minneapolis, where doctors have begun looking to the Wii as a means to help stroke victims on the road to recovery as they attempt to re-learn movements they used to know by playing games like Wii Sports.

Not only that, but the same report notes that the Army has likewise enlisted the Wii, noting that the little console that could is being used to help injured soldiers in Landstuhl, Germany regain some of their strength by playing games on the Wii. This is of course encouraging news, not just for those being helped, but also for video games in a more general sense, as we welcome anything that paints the business in a more positive light.

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