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Today in Joystiq: October 18, 2007

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From the man who brought you a Big Daddy caretaking a zen garden comes ... Big Daddy skateboarding. Now imagine, if you will, that the skateboarding Big Daddy has just crashed and, though the laws of ragdoll physics, lands in a very relaxed pose on a bench. Keep dreaming and check out the highlights for today:

Off the Grid: Out of country
Today's sequelier video: Master Chief Sucks At Halo 3
X3F Week in Review: October 12th, 2007 - October 18th, 2007

Warhawk, fl0w expanding in December
Sony officially bringing 40GB PS3 to US
Lord of the Rings Online Book 11 brings new raids, player-owned housing
The best thing you'll see today: Portal gun in Half-Life 2
Soldier of Fortune: Payback banned in Austrailia
Sony sells PlayStation 3's Cell to Toshiba
Halo 3 soundtrack is coming and you could be on it
Okami confirmed for Wii, reports Eurogamer & MCV
MGS Portable Ops+ gets dated, no MGS4 PSN demo
Gametap Thursday: Sam & Max are free to kill Abe Lincoln
Tretton financial math: New PS3 + PS2 < Old PS3
Butcher Bay writer Flint Dille penning Sin City game
Hellgate: London demo available now on GameDaily
Punch Out's Little Mac to appear in Smash Bros. Brawl
Sega Superstars Tennis served up in 2008
Xbox 360 Arcade confirmed by MS, short on details
Seth Green heads up Mass Effect cast
GT5 Prologue demo coming Oct 20 in Japan
Guitar Hero III demo disc online, magically works on any 360
Target's $110 Guitar Hero III special edition for PS2
Battlestar Galactica escapes to PC and XBLA next week
Free PC Ouendan/EBA emulator hits public beta

Culture & Community
Reminder: E for All opens its doors today
The Wizard gets reunion screening from Ain't It Cool News
Concept art glued and bound in 'The Art of Midway'
Rat Race isn't all that funny
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