Thursday, October 11, 2007

Gilbert Arenas admits to Halo score boosting

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Washington Wizards basketball star Gilbert Arenas has admitted to boosting ... his Halo score. Arenas confessed to The Washington Post that he has been boosting his Halo rank through fake social matches where he'll end up number one. Arenas says, "It's a glitch in the game. I seen some kids that were like 600s, they won 600 Halo games and we only had that game for two weeks. And all the kids go to school. So I'm like, 'What the hell you all doing?' And they said that's what they doing, two-on-two."

Arenas' gamertag profile on tells the boosting tale in great detail. Just to be clear, this is only an artificial boost, since he was manipulating "social" rather than "ranked" matches. His skill rating hasn't improved. Sure, it's silly -- and damn funny -- that the NBA 2K lovin' Arenas (even though he's the NBA Live cover athlete) boosted his Halo score, but at least it shows he cares and worked for his "fake" rank.

[Thanks Andrew; via WashingtonPost]
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