Friday, October 12, 2007

UK soccer boss losing players to 'video game passion'

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Harry Redknapp, manager of the Portsmouth team in the English Premier League, has expressed some concern about what he believes is a lack of local lads willing to kick balls and score goals. In a column for The Sun, he opines that the British working class is turning its back on the sport, too absorbed by the fancy graphics and inert pleasures of digital entertainment. It seems back in his day, the kids "lived and breathed football." But now? "All I see are the dazzling lights of bedroom windows from the glare of TVs and computers."

Unconcerned by his admittance to being some sort of peeping tom, Harry insists that the "hunger and drive" of working class boys has been replaced by "video game passion." If "football cannot compete with an X-Box," the situation must be especially grave when said "X-box" is playing FIFA '08. Unable to face the insurgence of gaming in a constantly changing youth culture, Redknapp reckons he'll turn to Africa's players who "want it more." It's not like they have video games there... right?
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