Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wideload Shorts' Cyclomite coming early 2008 via Instant Action

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Wideload Games' new shorts division, appropriately titled Wideload Shorts and obviously using sex appeal to sell the brand (mmm, hippos) have announced that one of the first titles from the division, Cyclomite will debut early 2008 on InstantAction, a service developed by GarageGames where you play the game within your browser and against other gamers.

In Cyclomite, players control a multi-colored ring whose purpose is to catch meteors as the storm of space rock tries to destroy the universe as we know it. 1UP has a preview of the game.

The game is being dubbed the "premier" title from Wideload Shorts in the press release, though it also states later that the studio will "release its first game in late 2007," so we guess premier means the first project they begun developing. No word on what that other title is. Wideload has stated it will support handheld, cell and online game platforms.

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