Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Guitar Hero II gets three new international tunes

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It's apparently International Day at Guitar Hero II HQ, and Activision is celebrating with three new downloadable tunes from outside the United States (who knew other countries made music?). First up is "Sin Documentos" by Los Rodriguez, a track that comes to us all the way from Spain. How exotic!

Next up is a French track by Pleymo called "Sept" which proves that no matter how loud your band is, no one will be intimated if you're singing in French. Finally, there's "Exile" by Germany's Sweden's Soilwork, which , let's be honest, probably would have been more intimidating in German had the good sense not to sing in Swedish. The good news with these tracks is that they're not bundled, the bad news is that, with each at 200 points, you're going to be paying for the privilege.
[Thanks, Grant]
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