Friday, October 12, 2007

Variety confirms Hitman getting 'hard R' rating

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Variety confirmed that Hitman is not being watered down and will be in theaters with a "hard R" rating Nov. 21. This is following rumors that Fox executives removed director Xavier Gens from Hitman's post-production and would be watering down the hyper-violent film to a PG-13 rating in an attempt to get the kids. An ironic move considering the studio would have been targeting kids with a movie who aren't old enough to play one of the Mature-rated (17+) Hitman games the film is based on.

Variety says both a source close to the project -- they wouldn't be Variety if they didn't have one of those -- and a Fox representative both confirmed that "director Xavier gens is still on board, and the movie will absolutely come out with an R rating." Now we wait and see if the violence is reasonable in keeping with the Hitman games (which the scenes shown in the trailer make us doubt) or if it'll all be over-the-top action insanity making us question what Hollywood has done to the "silent assassin."
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[via] Joystiq

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