Friday, October 12, 2007

Today in Joystiq: October 11, 2007

According to Joystiq reader Michael D., this elusive and slightly temperamental creature was found while out Geocaching. We hope this gets appreciated; check out the highlights for today:

Off the Grid: Travel edition
Joystiq hands-on: Wiimote Jacket
Joyswag: Win a brand-new Darth Vader PSP-2000 (Day 4)
Today's more-than-tech-demo-video: Wii Music
X3F Week in Review: October 4, 2007 - October 11, 2007

Gametap Thursday: Evil kitties in space and an undead typing tutor
Kirby Super Star coming to DS
PlayStation Eye to come solo for $40
Retailers display Arcade 360 ads
Nintendo says over a hundred WiiWare games proposed
Valve's Gabe Newell comes down hard on PS3
Shining Force devs creating new DS RPG Steal Princess
Fez teaser trailer bends dimensions
Nintendo details Wii Music
Smash Bros. Brawl delayed in US until February 10, 2008
Software developers worried about the Wii, hesitant to make games
PS3's Guitar Hero III dongle explained, leading to more questions
Nintendo flaunts mega-sized Wii and DS release list
Assassin's Creed to stalk DS in February '08
Wideload Shorts' Cyclomite coming early 2008 via Instant Action
Coheed and Cambria join Rock Band
Nintendo's Perrin Kaplan reveals her exit strategy, finally
Ubisoft brushes SCi, Lara Croft aside
Gilbert Arenas admits to Halo score boosting
EA to acquire BioWare Corp. and Pandemic Studios
Mario Kart Wii allows for 12-player online racing
Brothers in Arms gonna rock Wii like it's 2005
EA: BioWare, Pandemic purchase 'mutually beneficial,' studios to remain distinct
Tim Schafer's Brutal Legend lands on Game Informer cover
EA owns Mass Effect ... so, what now?
Variety confirms Hitman getting 'hard R' rating

Rumors & Speculation
Rumor: Prince of Persia prequel trilogy incoming

Culture & Community
The 'From downtown!' Halo 3 grenade stick
Kill Jim Liebowitz mocks all sides of gaming politics
Zero Punctuation hates on Tabula Rasa
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