Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Game Informer gives Mass Effect a 9.75

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We've been rabidly anticipating Mass Effect for such a long time now, it's a relief to learn that, according to Game Informer at least, we haven't been wasting our energy. In their forthcoming November issue, the magazine awarded the game a 9.75, just a quarter-point shy of its highest honor.

With the opener "Not since Star Wars made its theatrical debut in 1977 has there been a universe so full of wonder and awe," the review starts with a healthy dollop of praise and keeps piling it on. There is some criticism though of the game's action sequences. "Most of the skirmishes," the review reads, "which begin and end in the blink of an eye run into balancing issues, problematic AI and a difficultly in comprehending what is transpiring." ... Wow, so that's just a quarter-point worth of problem? We'd hate to see what it takes to get a 9.5.

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