Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Red Ring of Death condolence cards

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If you know someone who recently experienced the loss of an Xbox 360, show some support by sending a Red Ring of Death condolence card. Created by Etsy user BSAngel, the card has the dreaded red ring design on the front, made from red crystals adhered by industrial strength glue. The card says inside: "May this card help console you during this difficult time. I am very sorry for your loss." Get it? Console and console -- it's a heteronym.

The card is $4 plus shipping and because it's handcrafted we're thinking not too many are available. Thankfully, the card seems simple enough to make with just a quick trip to your local crafts store. We actually think Microsoft should buy this concept off of BSAngel (she definitely deserves to be compensated for the idea) and send a card to every person who's gotten the RRoD (they have all the addresses). It would actually be a really nice PR gesture. If Nintendo can spend $18 million on Wii prophylactics, the least Microsoft can do is send out some cheeky cards of apology.

[Thanks Paul, Via Technabob]
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