Thursday, October 11, 2007

Kirby Super Star coming to DS

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Before mini-game compilations were crazy ubiquitous, there was Kirby Super Star. Released at the tail-end of the SNES's lifetime, Super Star advertised "8 Games In One!", one of which being a graphically enhanced version of the Game Boy original, and four more being full-fledged platformers in their own right.

Now, HAL Laboratories are bringing the Kirby party to the DS, with a remake of the SNES classic tentatively called Hoshi no Kirby Ultra Super Deluxe. No details yet on any additional features, but our buddies over at DS Fanboy have aptly observed that a wireless icon in one of the screens means that the game will at least have local wireless play, and additional screenshots show cutscenes in the same style as HAL's fighting phenomenon Super Smash Bros. Brawl. More details as they become available. For now, though, color us excited.

Update: Additional screens found at Jeux France show that this game is a remake, and not a true sequel. Thanks to reader Sonicandtails for the tip.

[Via DS Fanboy]
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