Monday, October 1, 2007

Sony to release $39.99 retail Warhawk this month

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Maybe you're the type of person who's still a slave to physical media. Maybe you have a crush on the girl at your local GameStop, maybe you're trying to make your shelf of PS3 games more respectable. Whatever your excuse, Sony has you covered, confirming that they'll be releasing a $39.99 retail version of Warkhawk that doesn't include Bluetooth headset this month.

As you may remember, the game is currently just available in a $60 retail package with a headset or in a $40 downloadable form. Though the GameStop listing that originally started this story puts the game at an Oct. 10 release date, Sony has not confirmed that part of the story. We're not going to try to understand the logic behind this SKU, though we wouldn't be surprised if it's (in part) a bit of retailer placation. That's right game store, you're not threatened at all by full, downloadable games that don't even require people to get off their couches. Just go back to sleep, pumpkin.
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[via] Joystiq

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