Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Study: Women's spatial abilities increase with video games

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Research done at the University of Toronto found women who played video games reduced the inherent difference between the sexes when it comes to spatial skills. Spacial skills are things like reading a map, driving a car and putting stuff together. Researcher Jing Feng says their original experiment showed that "women do not do as well on spatial tasks"; however, their second experiment found that video games improve both sexes when it comes to spatial skills, but women women catch up to men -- five months later the experiments yielded the same result.

There's no real explanation why there would be such a dramatic change after only 10 hours of video game playing or why it would last for months. One could complain about how it's ridiculous that this research is done and yada, yada, yada. But, if having the important women in our life play some video games hardwires them to read a map better, we'll take it -- we hate pulling over and asking for directions.

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